Mar. 21. 2018

The Main Three

Last week, I interviewed Randi to learn a little bit about Jet Set Planning for my event planning class at Lipscomb University. To my amazement, she asked me to write an article about the three most important steps in planning a wedding. You can imagine my excitement in having the opportunity to write this for her. But then a quick dose of reality hit me… I have no idea how weddings work.

As I reflected, I came to realize that my predicament may work to my advantage since many Brides-To-Be are sitting in the same boat as me.

If you think about it, weddings are just like any other kind of event. You’ve got an audience, a venue, food, entertainment, and a purpose. But then again, weddings are so much more than any normal event to plan for. Brides planning alone may easily feel overwhelmed. The brides are grateful and thankful for the help that they get, but can feel like there are many loose ends.

Here are my three steps I believe every bride should consider for planning a stress-free wedding.

Step One: The Wedding Planner

This step, in the long run, may be the most beneficial decision a bride could make. By choosing to work with a Wedding Planner, the amount of stress she feels leading up to the wedding is cut in half or entirely eliminated. Wedding Planners are determined to make your wedding as stress-free as possible, with the bulk of the wedding planning on their shoulders so the bride may enjoy her wedding without worrying about the little details.

A good planner will work with you through every step of the way when planning your wedding, will work with the budget, and help come up with creative alternatives and solutions. A good planner will find deals and the best prices for venues, vendors, and services, and will know how to deal with liabilities and contracts that may be confusing or overwhelming to a bride. A good planner is always prepared for the worst to happen, always has a backup plan, and always keeps the bridal party and attendees informed, focused, and on schedule.

Once, a friend of mine was getting married and she and her fiancé were doing everything themselves. On the day of the wedding, I was helping set up the ceremony, reception area, and deciding were the food and cake would go. After everything was in order, I went back to the hotel room to help the bride put on her dress and do her hair and makeup. Other than that, I was only an attendee. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong, went wrong right before the ceremony began. Everyone was scrambling around. Food placement and decorations were chaotically being rearranged and the stress level was high. The bride was overwhelmed and didn’t want to deal with the crisis and the groom was frazzled! I was helping as much as I could, and somehow I inadvertently became the wedding planner.

Because of this, I saw first hand how a wedding planner could have alleviated unnecessary stress for the bride and groom. I believe hiring a wedding planner would make weddings much more enjoyable and are well worth the cost.

Step Two: The Venue

The Venue is the most important decision a couple could make, because the venue is the cornerstone for planning the entire wedding. The venue puts everything into perspective and evokes emotion and anticipation that solidifies their commitment to each other.

When one is looking for a venue, it’s important to consider these questions: How many people will attend? Are multiple spaces available at the venue? How many people can the space hold, standing and sitting? Are there outdoor spaces available and are there options for inclement weather for an outdoor wedding? Are plenty of parking spaces available? Is the location within easy access to hotels? Is the venue easily accessible? Does the contract make sense or is it too vague? Does the venue supply sound equipment and lighting? Is there a usable kitchen? Finally, are there sufficient numbers of restrooms?

These questions could make or break your wedding.

Along with planning your dream wedding, its important to keep your audience and attendees in mind. If they are uncomfortable, then their attitude will impact the tone of your wedding. Even though this day is about you and your fiancé, the attendees are equally as important. You may find yourself taking them into consideration when you are choosing your venue for your wedding day.

Step Three: The Photographer and Videographer

For years, the globalized motto of Millennials has been “if there isn’t a picture, did it really happen?” Within the past five years it seems as though the quality of photos and photographic-standards has dramatically increased, specializing in images that tug on heartstrings instead of just getting the point across.

This leads into my final suggestion: Consider choosing local photographers and videographers and let their creativity flow! Their vision and talent will give you beautiful photos and videos. Let them loose to capture the moments you never want to forget, but make sure they aren’t running your wedding. Photography and Videography is a beautiful way to capture the atmosphere and beauty of your wedding day and a perfect way to capture memories of the people you love. Even though it may be tight on your budget to hire both a photographer and videographer, you will never regret your decision.

Thank you so much Randi for letting write for you, and best of luck to everyone on the path to matrimony! – Elise Floyd

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