Sep. 7. 2018

What To Do First When You Get Engaged

After the excitement of the proposal and the pretty ring, comes the realization that you have a wedding to plan! You’re already busy and as thrilled as you are to be marrying your bestie, you’re also overwhelmed by the idea of fitting it all in. You want an amazing wedding full of southern charm and personal details. I got you, girl!

I would love to say that the first thing you should do when you get engaged is to hire a wedding planner! But in truth- there are just a couple steps to address before making your first wedding day hire.

RELAX AND ENJOY THIS MOMENT!  After notifying all your friends and family, sit down with your finance and discuss the kind of wedding you want to have. And I’m not talking decor, y’all. I’m talking about the overall feel (or as some may say, vibe or ambiance).  Then determine a budget range. Many couples aren’t quite sure what things actually cost, so that is why I recommend a range. These two details will be SO helpful during your initial consultation and help us pin down #allthethings!

I understand that you and your sweetie are busy professionals with a ton of things going on. I also know that you that this day is really important to you. Being short on time doesn’t mean that your wedding has to be short on the details. In comes my POWER PLANNING! Yep, shameless plug.  I can’t wait to tell you ALL about what power planning entails and why this is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Contact me here.

Can’t wait to get to know you! Oh! And be sure to join my e-mail list for a few tips along the way 🙂

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